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Hackathon 21/02

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Idea Creation Methods

Think about things you personally dream to fulfill, to change, to make better, to make happen. What technologies or life spheres excite you the most? Or on the opposite, what bothers you in our world, what things that surround you you find dissatisfactory, inconvenient, uncomfortable, unperfect?
Each one in your team has his or her unique strengths, talents and skills. Find out as many of them as you can! Now based on that think of a list of the things that make your team better than any other. For what startup ideas you are truly a dream team? What projects will allow your team to fully realize its potential?
Entrepreneurial idea - is an attempt to solve a problem or change something. Think of a group of people you'd like to help. What are the major problems or inconveniences they are struggling with? What changes do they urgently need? What innovations will make their lives much better?
Unleash your creativity and fantasy to come up with the most impossible and unbelievable ideas that you would like to bring to life. Allow your teammates to add their comments to make these ideas more precise, relevant, demanded, clear. Use these comments, your own insights and common sense to turn your initial ideas into something feasible and tangible.