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Do you want to become part of our community, global network, young start-uppers subculture? We have multiple options and models for cooperation and all of them are mutually beneficial!

Cooperation 2.0

So just choose yours and let's make this world better together

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  • Business Partner

  • Mentor

  • Jury Member

  • Sponsor

  • National or Fegional Representative

  • Investor for the Kids' Projects

  • Media Partner

  • Government Representative

  • Educational Center

  • Volunteer

Some of the benefits include access to the international network of educational and business partners, communication with most advanced and talented young people of the world - your future (or maybe even present) customers and team members, exchange of ideas and knowledge, participation in and display at numerous multinational events, connection to locals from different countries for research and beta-testings, opportunity to teach and learn, lots of inspiration, motivation and fun. We want you to be involved and enjoy because this is not just business or social project - this is family that contributes to the future!

Contact us to learn more about all the benefits of being part of Fresh Geeks community and to elaborate together the most ideal partnership model!

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