Coach Profile

Victor Olatunde


Languages: English

Education History: PhD in Agric and Environmental Engineering (Started 2015, to complete in 2020) Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

Work History:

I became an Entrepreneur in Food industry in 2008 as a Studentpreneur, had my internship in a multinational Food Company in 2010, Graduated in 2011, and I continued my journey ever since.

I've Co-founded/partnered businesses in AgriTech, ICT, Fintech, Health Tech and Edtech, and right now, with over 200,000 users reached at both premium and grassroot levels.

I've together with teams
well had multiple awards, won 4 grants (both Entrepreneurial and research grants) from World Bank WAAPP project, EfinA via IFC, Gates Foundation and DFID_UK. I got my mini MBA in EDC of Lagos Business School, Nigeria and as part of Yunus and Youth Fellowship, had a 6 months mentoring with CITI Bank Officials.

As part of my personal efforts, I've mentored hundreds of small Businesses and Startups, who have themselves Built well. And I yet keep mentoring more, which is why I'm interested in this.

Categories of Interest:
Software & Applications (Project Category),
Good Health & Well-Being (UN Sustainable Development Goal #3),
Quality Education (UN Sustainable Development Goal #4),
Use of Technology (Competition Criterion),
Business Models (Competition Criterion)