Hi all,

I hope you are all fine, It was really nice to talk to you yesterday. Let's rock that project!

As we discussed, you will have two homeworks for our next meeting:
First, create a document that summarizes your idea and its relevance, the problem you are solving with key statistics and list competitors and how different you are.
Secondly, Try to make some user stories for your you can find on that link explanations and examples.

As we said, we will try to do a catchup meeting once each two weeks. Agree as a team and give me please a couple of time slots that you can afford for the meeting and we will agree afterward on a regular timing that can arrange every one. 

You can also register on and, we will organize our work using these tools.
If some of you are not familiar with coding and want to start this journey, you can visit
I think that for now we will go for react native for front-end and Django for the backend, to be confirmed later.
Feel free if you have any questions or suggestions to make the flow better and feel free to reach out to me whenever you want via email.